We will not ever know love if we never fall in it

We will not ever know love if we never fall in it, love comes to make peace no war even maybe opposite, love makes people happy not sad, always flows like river never end, beside that we should to believe that the true love only for Allah cause it is belong to him no one other.

Human’s love was only temporary and never been eternally, because he never love anything even that was himself, sometimes people hate themselves for reason they always fail to reach their goals.

Love needs more than companion, relation, attention, everyday conversation and anything else, but it needs more things we will never no them. We just feel something less and give all of our power in order effort to get them even we know it nonsense.

Some adolescent fall in love each other but they do not know the real love, they make commitment to honest forever, but love needs continuousness, if one of them dishonest or never give his attention even only call, being around her and other, love should left so loss between them.

We wrong so fall in mistakes and outgrowth, in coercion to remain and submit to stagnation, we know and feel all but can’t change it.


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